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Selenite Sticks

Selenite Sticks

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Selenite is great at cleansing and clearing the energy in a space. It is a protective stone that keeps negative energies away. 

4 ways to use a selenite stick

1) place it under your pillow to connect with your spirit guides and ancestors. selenite opens the crown chakra, helping to encourage messages through your dreams. set an intention to recieve guidance from spirit before going to sleep. 

2) carry it with you in your bag or pocket. keeping a selenite stick on you can help to keep your energy feeling light and grounded. it can also help you to pick up on other peoples feelings as you go about your day. 

3) use it for cleansing other crystals. all you need to do is place your crystal on the piece of selenite and leave it for a few hours or overnight! selenite it self-cleansing. 

4) purifying and protecting your home or space. keeping selenite crystals in your home or space keeps the energy clear and free of any negative energies. keeping a selenite stick on your windowsill can prevent earthbound spirits out of your space. 

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