Ethical Sourcing

Being an ethical crystal seller is a sensitive subject amongst the crystal community.
I do not advertise myself as an ethical seller as in all honesty, it is difficult to be 100% certain
whether the crystals were mined and handled in an ethical manner.

Unless I was to physically go to the mines each day and monitor the working conditions,
its impossible to know who is mining the crystals and whether the proceeds are going to the families mining.
This being said, all of the crystals I sell are hand-selected by myself with the help of suppliers around the world
that I work closely with and trust. I have trusting relationships with my suppliers and as a business owner,
I do my absolute best to ask my suppliers plenty of questions to ascertain whether the crystals have been ethically mined.

I do trust my suppliers and I am confident the crystals I source have been ethically mined,
however this is not to say that what I am being told is 100% accurate. As you can see, this is all based on trust. 


Sustainability & Packaging

To reduce the waste of natural resources for production and limit the negative impact
that shipping out packages can cause on our planet, I take the following steps. 

✩ Any bubble wrap included in your package is reused from my suppliers.
✩ All packages are shipped in eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable boxes.
✩ Packing peanuts used are starch based, making them eco-friendly and biodegradable.
✩ Any tissue paper used is acid-free and eco-friendly.